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Tally.Server 9

Enhancing the Operational Efficiencies of your Enterprise

Configuration/ Administration

What would be the data path in client or how can we configure it?
Data path on client can be configured as DATA location as selected from the server. For example, F12 ' Data Configuration report has an option to choose server (Alt + S) and select the data path for data being accessed from Tally.Server 9.
Do I need to configure antivirus exceptions for Tally.Server 9? If Yes, how?

As Tally.Server 9 is a signed exe, it will not face any problems in most cases from antiviruses. However, in rare cases, you may need to configure antivirus exceptions for Tally.Server 9. The update of such cases will be uploaded in our Knowledge Base as and when we encounter such cases.

Do I need to configure Firewall exceptions for Tally.Server 9? If Yes, how?

Tally.Server 9 is a trusted application for all Windows operating systems. Hence, Tally.Server 9 will be automatically listed in the exceptions list in Windows firewall. You don't need to configure Windows firewall exceptions separately for Tally.Server 9.

Do I need to restart Tally.Server 9 Service every time I switch-on my Machine?

Tally.Server 9 Service runs as a windows service and can be viewed by executing the command "services.msc".The name of the service is "Tally.Server 9" and continues to run unless stopped explicitly. It does not require a dedicated user login to continue running. It can even run when no user are logged into the system.

Can I Create/ Delete Group Company by combining two different companies which are there in two different Tally.Server 9 end points and/or Local drive?

If authorized in monitoring tool, you will be able to perform such activity.

Can client machines be allowed \ restricted to take Tally Data backup in their local/network sys-tems?

By default the users can take data backup from their systems, however the same can be restricted using the Monitoring Tool.

Can I restrict my Data entry operators from taking Auto-backup in their local machines or any other removable hard disks/ Pen-drives?

With Tally.Server 9 Auto-backup, if enabled, will be taken in to Server Machine and no other media. Users will be restricted from changing the Auto-Backup location.

How many Clients can I connect to Tally.Server 9?

You can connect 100 - 150 users to Tally.Server 9. With Tally.Server 9, there is essentially no blocking of another user's tasks, even as new users keep getting added to the system, or because of the types of tasks being performed. However, there will be an effect on performance if you add too many users.

The report in Tally.Server 9 would also track remote users?

Yes. It will track remote users. This means that activities done by remote users like Number of Reports viewed / printed / edited, time spent, entries created etc. are tracked. However the current activity shown in front of remote user will be BLANK and not tracked. This is due to performance issue that can arise of tracking remote users' current activity over internet / low bandwidth.

Would the monitor tool also record, no activity of a user?

The monitor tool is expected to track user's activity only if at least a company is opened by user from Tally.Server 9. If only local companies / share companies are open, no information will be tracked. As long as user has opened a company via Tally.Server 9 and IT IS the current company, even if he is on any menu, they will still be tracked under current activity as "Gateway of Tally". However "time spent" information would not be available here.

Can we provide a graphical view of the Monitoring tool report?

Yes. It is possible may be via customization. We have not thought of it for current Release.

Can we access Tally.Server 9 reports/ Monitoring Tool through Remote Login?

We have decided not to give this feature in first release of Tally.Server 9.

What is the scope of customization for the report available in Tally.Server 9? Would the codes be available for them for customization?
Tally.Server 9 is open for customization. All the code is available as part of TD9 (4.5). However currently we have taken a call not to allow "Account TDLs". Local / INI TDLs can still be added for this purpose.
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