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Tally.Server 9

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How To Install ?

  1. When you install Tally.Server 9, select the option Server 9 from the Tally.Server 9 Components to be installed.


  1. Server 9 Installation screen contains the following information:
  • Enter the Application Directory where selected components will be installed
  • Enter the Data Server Name using which Tally.ERP 9 clients will access the data
  • Enter the Data Server Port in which data server is configured to run
  • Enter Data Name and Data Directory where data will be stored
  • Enter the License Server Port where License Server Service has to be installed


  1. Server 9 configuration file contains the following information:
  • Machine Name of the server system where Tally.Server 9 is running
  • IP Address of the system where Tally.Server 9 is running
  • Port on which Tally.Server 9 is configured to run (if different from license server port)
  • Path of Data folder where clients will access the data
  • License Server Name and Port where tally licence server is installed and running