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Troubleshooting/ Roll-back

My machine where I have installed Tally.Server 9 has crashed. Can I re-activate Tally.Server 9 license in any different system?

Yes. Similar to Tally.ERP 9 licensing procedure, Tally.Server 9 License can also be re-activated in different system.

To surrender Tally.Server 9 license,

  1. From Server 9 Monitor, click S: Manage Server or press Alt + S
  2. Server Information screen will appear. Click F3: Licensing or press F3
  3. Select S: Surrender License option and press Enter or press Alt + S to surrender license.
  4. Server 9 prompts you with a message, Press Y or click on Yes to surrender license
  5. Server 9 will displays a message License Surrendered Successfully To reactivate Tally.Server 9 license follow the steps shown:
  6. Click R: Reactivate License in the Start-up screen
  7. The Reactivate License form appears
  • Enter the E-Mail ID of the Site/ Account Administrator to reactivate the License
  • Enter the required password and Select the required site from the List of Sites displayed
  • Server 9 displays the Reactivation Successful message.

The procedure for the Rollback is very simple. It is as follows:

  • Surrender Tally.Server 9
  • Uninstall Tally.Server 9
  • Re-Share the Data folder via Windows with clients
  • Update the same windows shared path in configuration (tally.ini) file accordingly


In case if you require any kind of support, you can reach us through various mediums to get a resolution to your queries. For example:

  • Dial our Toll-free Number 1-800-425-8859 or 1-800-22-8859 between 9 AM and 9 PM on all the working days and speak to our representatives
  • Write an E-Mail to support@tallysolutions.com
  • Visit our website tallysolutions.com and Chat with our representatives
  • From within Tally.ERP 9/ Tally.Server 9, Click Support Centre and log a query
  • Visit our website tallysolutions.com, Click "Dial a Tally Expert" and fill you contact details. Our representative will get back to you in no time.
  • You can click help button on Tally.Server 9 and access Local help.
  • You can click help button on Tally.Server 9 and access online help. The Online help.